Monday, August 29, 2022

And now the cure is here...

 After almost three years of fear and isolation comes inflation and economic stress.  What a surprise?!  How come this was not more obvious?  How can you have all the social mess created by so called "health experts" and not expect a major economic and social catastrophe?

We will never know what could have been worse.  Some people died because of complications with Covid, and that is too bad.  But how many become socially isolated and depressed and now see their savings dwindle?  Logic has not been the guiding light of governments.  Inspiration from Sweden and Norway may help guide our steps in the future.  

No one needs to be a seasoned health expert to tell people to do what was done 100 years ago.  Stay isolated!!!  Billions of dollars spent on health organization research over so many years to come up with that simplistic "isolation" prescription?  That sounds like fraud to me.  

A few good things have come out of that disaster.  Video calls with friends and relatives (electronic propinquity) have become more common.  People now get together more often with distant others because the technology has improved dramatically.  That is good in many ways but it is no real substitute for close interpersonal interaction.

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