Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Social media and social interaction facilitation

With some reason there are those who are skeptical about using social media because of privacy concerns.  Also, some fear social media because of their fear of the unknown.  Still social media like Facebook are important elements of modern social life and those avoiding it may be missing on a much greater benefit than the potential perils.

Finding affinity groups on social media can facilitate actual personal interactions.  The clearest example is dating.  It is now quite common to find couples who state that their relationship would not exist if it were not for the benefits of having found each other online.

Other less intimate examples include:  Finding people to play cards with; ride horses with; enjoy ideological and altruistic causes in groups; ride bikes with; playing pickleball with; etc.

Thus, while using caution when using social media is prudent, avoiding it completely may actually work against the best interest of modern people.  

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